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Upcoming Program: “Dispatches from Ukrainian Libraries”

Ukraine continues to suffer horrible destruction from recent Russian missile attacks. Iryna Biriukova, General Director of the Odesa National Scientific Library wrote on October 10th, “Today the enemy launched more than 80 missiles across Ukraine…The enemy tries to break us, to sow fear among us. But it’s useless, our people cannot be defeated, our will and freedom cannot be broken. Nevertheless, don’t ignore the alarms in the coming days. Take care of yourself. Together we will win.”

To honor the heroism of the Ukrainian people we are producing “Dispatches from Ukrainian Libraries” this Saturday, October 22 at 1:00 PM at San Francisco’s Main Library. We will play audio clips and read texts from Ukrainian librarians on the front line describing their continuing work against all odds. We will give a slide presentation of our own work with Ukrainian libraries during our travels there in 2016. In a nod to Ukraine’s rich and vibrant culture, the presentation will also include performances by the Zoloti Maky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Ukrainian Choral Group and a professional soloist on the Bandura Ukrainian instrument. Members of the Ukrainian community will also share their perspectives on and stories about the Russian invasion. 

This unique program will offer all of us a rare insight into the character and courage of the embattled Ukrainian people. We hope to see you there!

Recent destruction of Ukrainian library in Chernihiv, Ukraine

Map librarian, National Library, Kyiv, Ukraine


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