A Change in Plans

We voted today against the recall of our Governor Gavin Newsom. It is sad to see California Republicans using the recall to try to win an election that they would not be able to win otherwise. It is also sad to see Republican governors of other states trying to prevent their citizens from protecting themselves from the Covid pandemic by wearing masks or getting vaccinated. We have both followed the recent news about Covid carefully and have decided to postpone our departure a few weeks to see how this awful situation plays out. We are not so worried about the situation here in the Bay Area or at our destination in Vermont. People in these places seem to follow the rules and follow the science. It is some of the in-between places that we hoped to visit on our upcoming Library Road Trip that we are worried about. Please wear masks and get vaccinated. It’s the only way to crush this pandemic!

We hope to leave in a few weeks but right now it makes sense to stay put. I’ll let you know our travel plans as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We celebrated a double birthday last night with our friends Dan Geiger and Julie Blankenship. Thanks for the photo, Julie!


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6 responses to “A Change in Plans

  1. gershonaptalaskanet

    Did you realize the optics of you blowing at each other across that cake??



  2. yvonnedw


    Happiest of birthdays to you!! I think it is wise to pause your trip for a bit as time will help ease the latest onslaught of this annoying virus. It does appear the vaccination rate is rising though not as fast as logically possible. Stay safe and I am joyfully looking forward to what you and Ellen will produce!

    All my best to you both! Yvonne

    “Photography is the quietest way to change the world in an instant.”


  3. desimonedaniel

    Robert Keep us posted.  Presently in Chicago and being very careful.  Family reunion os sorts.  Can’t wait to get home DanSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy Tablet

  4. irisjflu

    Hi Bob,

    Hope you had a nice birthday. Hopefully you and Ellen can return to the road sooner than later.

    How do you know Dan and Julie? I have known them for years! They are so sweet. Occasionally I run into Dan in the neighborhood. Haven’t seen Julie for awhile.

    Take care and I look forward to when we can catch up.


    PS. I voted “no and go” last week. What a waste and the Repugthugs will stop at nothing to get their claws on big Blue California!


  5. reedestabrook

    So was yesterday your birthday? ox Reed


    • Hi Reed,

      Yep, same birthday as photography. Must be something there. We went to David Pace’s Memorial service this week. So sad but good to see Brian, Robin and Robert Milnes. Hope you’re doing well.



      Sent from my iPhone


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